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You are physically repulsive, intellectually retarded, you’re morally reprehensible, vulgar, insensitive, selfish, stupid, you have no taste, a lousy sense of humor, and you smell.

— The 100 Greatest Movie Insults Of All Time, The Witches Of Eastwick (1987)  (via marie-de-paris)

We’re not supposed to be friends, you and me. We’re meant to be enemies. Did you know that? - The Boy in the Striped Pajamas


Slow Dance - The Fergies

Music plays, catch her gaze
Blue moonlight, she’s alone tonight
Walk the floor, take my hand
Secret smile, come let’s dance

Hold her in your arms, just a little longer

Breathe her in, just a little deeper 

And we’ll dance all night
Slow dancing
Keep you by my side
Slow dancing in this empty room full of you  

I seriously want to dance with this song. Another song for my “Make Me Swoon” playlist.

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